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Showtime Motorsports Picks Up Second New Trans-Am Camaro for the 2023 Season

MOORESVILLE, NC (November 16, 2022) –Showtime Motorsports picked up their second brand-new Ave-Riley AR3 Trans-Am car today. Ken Thwaits and his team are preparing for the 2023 Trans-Am Championship with a three-car attack as they gear up for winter testing and development. We are looking forward to seeing what this car can do in their hands and wish them luck in the upcoming season!

About Riley Technologies: Riley Technologies is family-owned and based in Mooresville, NC. Dating back to 1960, Riley has been a mainstay in North American automotive design engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and race team operations. Riley designed, operated, and built cars that have won the 24 Hours of Daytona 20 times in addition to countless other motorsport races.


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