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Now Available for Purchase from Riley with Trackside Spare Parts Sales and Technical Support at Trans Am Events

Chassis can be Configured for Multiple Bodies, Engines, and Transmissions:

  • Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro Bodywork

  • Ford FR9, Ford D3 or Chevy R07 Engine

  • Xtrac P559 or Emco EG5S Gearbox


Chassis Designed to Maximize Performance, Features Which Set It Apart Include:

  • Strong, stiff carbon splitter shaped to improve downforce.

  • Air intake is located at the high-pressure area in the nose.

  • The steering rack and electric power steering motor are mounted high.

  • Radiator ducting is designed to vent hot air out the top of the hood. This helps prevent interior heating and reduces front-end lift.

  • Swan rear wing mounts allow increased airflow to the wing underside.

  • SKF wheel bearings are bolt-in units to reduce service time and lower friction.

  • Two fuel cells to balance fuel load.

  • Aluminum rear axle reduces upsprung weight compared to steel axles.

  • Shims are used for accurate and quick adjustments used for toe, camber, and ride height.

  • Engine oil pump has been relocated behind the engine to improve interior airflow and move weight rearward.

  • Low Polar Moment.

Contact Bill Riley or Christian Rushforth at Riley Technologies: (704) 663-6319

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