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The object is to design a GT car with pure performance and power for a one of a kind experience.

Use aero items that may be banned from motorsports.

Body shape to have exceptionally high downforce but not sacrifice top speed.

Design not required to be legal in all states.

The driver sits slightly off-center. The passenger sits rearward on the right-hand side, not shoulder to shoulder with the driver. This unique seating gives the driver better vision and more elbow room and smaller greenhouse.

  • V12 Power

    • V12, 1200 horsepower available. Different power levels available on map switch.

  • Electric Power

    • Research and design system using latest electrical technology and available components.

  • Big ground effect tunnels

  • Unique under body design

  • Driver adjustable ride heights

  • Large rear wing

  • Wing flap angle is variable; high angle for down force and low angle for top speed

  • To balance the down force, adjustable splitter angle 

  • Adjustable pedals

  • Driver adjustable anti-roll bars

  • Driver tunable ABS

  • Traction control

  • Paddle shift*

  • Air conditioning

  • Composite chassis construction with energy absorbing attenuators front and rear

  • Car designed for endurance racing

  • Power steering

  • Adjustable steering column

  • Temperature controlled brake ducts

  • Electric side mirrors and rear view camera

  • Legal in multiple series and events

  • 93 octane fuel*

  • 2200 lbs. target weight*

  • 79-inch width (2 meters)

  • 112-inch wheelbase (2845 mm)

  • 26.4-gallon fuel tank (100 liters)

  • Ceramic/carbon brakes

  • Double wishbone front and rear suspension, with pushrod activated shocks and springs, and third spring/shocks front and rear

  • Front wheel 18 x 12.5

  • Rear wheel 18 x 14.5

  • Front tire 300/680 – 18

  • Rear tire 365/720 – 18

  • Complete confidential aero package not shown

Riley GT_edited

Riley GT_edited

RGT - Top View_Crop_edited

RGT - Top View_Crop_edited

RGT Side View_Crop_edited

RGT Side View_Crop_edited

Scale Surface Model

Scale Surface Model

Scale Surface Model

Scale Surface Model

Renderings by Don Taylor

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