Our compact air conditioning unit is a lightweight, high efficiency, and low current draw system ideally suited for vehicles or small enclosed areas. The system was designed to provide cooling comfort for road, military, and aircraft applications.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H):

19” x 11” x 13”

(493 x 292 x 338 mm)

Weight: 31 lbs. (14.1 kg)

  • Generally fits in same area as driver cooling ice chest

  • Standard Kit Output:

Low Fan Speed: 10,500 BTU/hr.

High Fan Speed: 19,000 BTU/hr.

12-Volt Current Range: 55-65 Amps

  • Refrigerant:

R-134a Class A Chlorine-Free


  • High-Strength & Light Carbon Housed Assembly

  • Electric Scroll Compressor

  • Lightweight Evaporator

  • Built-In Drier

  • Variable High-Speed Blower Motor

  • Waterproof Military Grade Wiring



  • System Voltage: 12v, 24v, or 48v

  • Higher Cooling Capacity with Wattage Increase

  • Condenser in Various Sizes

  • Fan for Condenser

  • Custom Hoses: Lengths & Fittings

  • Custom Wiring Harness

  • Carbon Monoxide Filters

  • Custom Outlets Available

Weighing in at only 31 lbs. (14.1 kg), it is the lightest unit available and can be easily hand carried for use in small field hospitals or other remote locations. The unit was developed in the harsh conditions of endurance racing. It can operate in extreme heat environments, up to 125° F (52° C), while remaining energy efficient. The unit is based off the components mandated by the FIA / ACO for all LMP2 race series, which have a regulated cockpit temperature to ensure driver safety.

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